“What’s with all the fuss about greener business practices these days?”

Amid all the hoopla about climate change and lowering your carbon footprint, you might have found yourself wondering something like this lately.  The fact is, there are many reasons why you might want to grow a greener business.  This blog will give you a few of the most important ones!

Right off, the environmental benefits are definitely worth taking note of.  Recycling your company’s waste, and finding ways to extend the life cycle of the resources in your business, are two important objectives many enlightened business owners are considering these days.

Secondly, companies which adopt corporate social responsibility programs (profit, people, and planet) give their customers and consumers more reasons to be loyal!

Lower your operating costs/ Raise your profitability:  Finding opportunities to reduce your company’s resource consumption has a direct and positive impact on your bottom line.

Many companies are finding they can actually achieve more while using less.  When you send fewer resources to landfill, reduce your company’s energy consumption or extend the useful life of your company’s IT assets by reselling your old equipment or buying newer, refurbished technology, you are improving your bottom line while also improving your company’s carbon footprint!

Meeting legal obligations – businesses in some industries have a legal responsibility for disposal of their products; ensuring compliance through recycling schemes means avoiding penalties, fines or worse – see controls on specific types of waste.  For instance, since 2003, CA retailers who sell mobile phones must offer a no-cost to the consumer way for them to recycle those cell phones.

Saving energy – Is your old technology running less efficiently than newer models do?   Working with an IT refurbishing company can help you liquidate your old technology and make room for the new, more efficient (less energy, better carbon footprint) technology you’re thinking about.  You may be in this situation already.

6,000 computers become obsolete each day In California.  The pity is that 90% of this waste ends in a landfill at a terrible environmental cost.  Only 10 percent are actually recycled.

You can start avoiding the pitfalls and benefiting from the advantages we’ve outline in this essay!  Contact Green Tree Electronic Recycling in Laguna Niguel.  We serve businesses in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino and Riverside counties with e-waste recycling, IT refurbishing and IT Asset Recovery.  We offer pick-up services in every community.