ITAD and Secure Data Destruction

Green Tree Recycling: The Secure Data Destruction Solution

Whether for your personal phone, or your business’s computers, it is imperative to ensure that your sensitive and private data is properly disposed of when you choose to upgrade to a more advanced system. As your system ages, not only will it slow down, it becomes a security risk due to being out of date. When a computer or hard drive reaches its end of life, Green Tree Electronic Recycling makes sure that your data is completely inaccessible to cyber criminals and hackers that look to prey upon improperly disposed of data. We use the strictest due diligence to keep you, your employees, and your customer’s data secure and safe after our skilled IT Asset Disposition team has sanitized your outdated or damaged system. Our rigorous and in-depth audit reports and certificates of destruction let you know that your data has been safely destroyed, and we are committed to not simply reaching, but exceeding your expectations and needs. Not only do we use the best assets available, our personable staff will help you decide the best course of action for your needs. More than simply recycling, Green Tree Recycling is determined to do more than passively stop e-waste pollution. Through our partnership with The Shade Tree Partnership and The Eden Reforestation Project, we are working towards a brighter future by reversing the hazards and toll improper e-waste disposal has caused; and by supplying local schools with refurbished equipment, we are striving to make our community and yours stronger, cleaner, and greener.

Why is IT Asset Disposition important to me?

As your system and equipment become obsolete or damaged, they become a security risk, and reformatting or deleting sensitive data is simply not enough. Experienced cyber criminals can quite easily recover this data if given the chance, and here at Green Tree Recycling, we help you make sure that does not happen. Whether it be your personal photos and tax information, or your client’s credit card numbers and accounts, sensitive information cannot be left unsanitized. Even an outdated printer or copier can store vital information and, if not properly disposed of, can become a massive security risk for you, your business, your employees, and your clients. As technology has rapidly expanded, it has also become harder for average or inexperienced persons to properly sanitize and dispose of this sensitive and private data. According to the EPA, around 75% of e-waste disposed of in the United States is sent to a landfill or carelessly burned, which leaves your sensitive information available to any passer-by and releases numerous toxins, like lead and mercury, into the surrounding area, causing the EPA itself to recommend taking your IT assets to skilled professionals for disposal. Here at Green Tree Recycling, our skilled team is dedicated to keeping your confidential data just that – confidential.

For Your Personal Use Devices

Your personal data storage devices, such as laptops, personal computers, cell phones, USB cards, SSD cards, hard drives, PCIEs, and mSATAs have become increasingly more difficult to fully sanitize and wipe, which leaves you at risk. If your electronic devices are not properly disposed of, the credit cards and bank accounts you have used to make online purchases can be accessed by cyber criminals, as well as other sensitive data such as your family photos and medical records. Simply deleting them is not enough, but here at Green Tree Recycling, we make sure this data is completely unavailable to even the most skilled cyber criminals out there, and our team will gladly work with you to find the solution that best fits your needs.

For Your Business Systems

As a business, whether you are a home office, a small, family owned operation, or a multi-million dollar corporation, data security is paramount, and preventing sensitive and confidential data from leaking is a concern that needs to be taken seriously. As systems and their components become more advanced, the processes required for properly sanitizing them and disposing of private data becomes more complicated and prone to error and oversight. Here at Green Tree Recycling, we have continued to stay up to date with the most rigorous processes and technology to keep this data safe, following the standards set by the Department of Defense, complete with rigorous and detailed audits and certificates of destruction.

The systems of your business hold a plethora of information that needs to remain confidential. With each passing day, a system becomes less current and eventually obsolete. Older technology is easier for cyber criminals and your competition to infiltrate, which poses a massive security risk to you, your staff, and your clients. If you are not certain that your chosen IT Asset Manager does not fully satisfy an audit, you may be held accountable for legal ramifications if client information, such as their credit card numbers, are breached, and your company’s reputation could suffer irreparably. Likewise, sensitive data, inside information, accounts, and plans for the future could be accessed and stolen by cyber criminals and competitors. Your employee’s social security numbers and direct-deposit information could be just a few keystrokes away from falling into the wrong hands.

It is imperative that your business keeps its secrets secret, and we at Green Tree Recycling have an experienced team to keep your information safe, and possess a variety of options to best suit your needs.

Why Choose Green Tree Recycling?

Here at Green Tree Recycling, we go above and beyond what the average e-waste recycler and ITAD company does to ensure that your data is safe and completely eradicated before recycling your outdated technology and equipment. Not only do we follow the Department of Defense guidelines when it comes to our practices, we also adhere to EPA regulations for properly and cleanly recycling your machinery and hardware to keep you and your sensitive data protected. We are not only DTSC certified, but have taken a pledge to plant trees after acquiring and recycling your electronic waste to lessen the burden e-waste has created. Further, we have worked with local schools to refurbish laptops and other equipment to help strengthen local communities. At Green Tree Recycling, we are not only looking to reduce pollution, but we are actively working to reverse its harmful effects while restoring the environment and empowering local communities. We may not be the largest e-waste recycling organization, but we are the most dedicated and driven to completing our mission of undoing the harm improper e-waste disposal has created.

At Green Tree Recycling, we strive to be easy to work with and to give you the best experience possible with the disposal of your obsolete or damaged systems. We provide detailed audits and certificates of destruction so you can be certain that your sensitive and private data will never fall into the wrong hands, and our dedicated and friendly team looks forward to helping you decide the best course of action for your needs. We use the most up to date software and technology to wipe and terminate any data that could be left for the wrong eyes to see. Not only will we happily take your obsolete systems in a drop-off, but we will also gladly pick them up for you, or send a state of the art NAID Certified hard drive shredding truck to you for on-site IT asset disposition. Whether you need your system’s components demagnetized to a neutral and data-free inert state with our degaussing process, or need us to completely wipe your data off the face of the earth with our state of the art software, we are here to help you rest easy knowing that your private information will never be seen again.

As we discussed in our post on the environmental cost of e-waste, many of our competitors do not fully wipe your sensitive data, and they certainly do not recycle your outdated system. Often, obsolete technologies are shipped overseas to countries where unregulated practices and lack of legislation allow millions of pounds of e-waste annually to be improperly and unsafely burned to harvest the precious metals inside, usually by young children. A study comprised by MIT and the Basel Network found that about 30% of e-waste from the United States alone ended up being shipped overseas, even when sent to a supposed e-waste recycler. At Green Tree Recycling, we find this beyond unacceptable. Not only does this leave your data unprotected, it takes a massive toll on the environment, both locally and globally, and severely impacts the health of those living even miles away from the burning debris, let alone the health of the laboring children breathing in the fumes. Thankfully, when you choose Green Tree Recycling, we are dedicated to ensuring that your e-waste does not become a part of this problem. Through our rigorous audits and in-depth certificates of destruction, you can be certain that your e-waste is properly disposed of and your data is kept safe; and with our pledge to plant trees with our partners The Shade Tree Partnership and The Eden Reforestation Project you become part of the solution and reversal of e-waste pollution. With Green Tree Recycling, your IT assets are not only erased from prying eyes, but help build a cleaner world.

Whether for business systems or personal use devices, you need to be certain that your e-waste is properly recycled and that your confidential data has ceased to exist. When you use Green Tree Recycling, we take every step necessary to keep both you and the environment safe.

Beyond Recycling

At Green Tree Recycling, we believe that ending e-waste pollution is not enough. As discussed, we are actively working with our partners to plant a tree for every one hundred pounds of e-waste we receive, both throughout California and Haiti. Further, we have worked with schools, supplying them with refurbished and sanitized equipment to give the children of our community and yours the tools they need to get ahead in this ever-more technologically driven world. At Green Tree Recycling, we believe that the planet that we all live on needs to be repaired, and we are glad to be taking a stand against the toll and price that e-waste has generated.

At Green Tree Recycling, our first priority is to make sure that your data is completely inaccessible to cyber criminals and identity thieves. Deleting information may seem like it keeps you safe, but it is a relatively basic matter to recover this data. Through data shredding, hard drive crushing, degaussing, data wipes, and more, Green Tree Recycling will do whatever is necessary to keep you, your customers, and your employees safe. When you contact us, you can be certain that your data will never be seen again. Additionally, we are proud to be taking a stand against the harm improper e-waste disposal has caused. Only about 25% of e-waste in the United States is properly recycled, and the rest either ends up in a land fill or shipped overseas to be burned. This does not only adversely harm our health, but harms local wildlife and forests, along with tainting the ground water and crops for miles around the site of burning.

According to the United Nations, roughly 37.6 million tons of e-waste is illegally dumped each year, and much more is simply thrown away, leaving countless resources like precious metals lost due to e-waste being improperly and carelessly disposed of, instead of given new life through recycling. At Green Tree Recycling, we are driven to making a difference and ending the toll of e-waste.

When you or your company choose Green Tree Recycling, you are not only making the decision to keep your confidential data safe, but are helping to stand against the problems generated by improper e-waste disposal. With Green Tree Recycling, your outdated and insecure system problem becomes a part of the solution to fixing and reversing the international hazards of e-waste, and helps strengthen local communities. Contact us today to help us brighten the future through safe and proper e-waste recycling.


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