“Fighting to keep electronic waste out of landfills and striving to keep our world Green, one tree at a time.”

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Green Tree Electronic Recycling Services


Computer Recycling
  • Computers and Servers
  • Printers and Fax Machines
  • Hard-Drives (down to pieces nearly 1 inch in diameter)
  • TV’s (excluding CRT’s) and VCR’s
  • Cellphones
  • Stereos and Electronic Games
  • Testing Equipment

*Our procedures are eco-friendly and worry-free


IT Asset Recovery
  • Compiling a complete electronic asset inventory list
  • De-installation services
  • Reconditioning and re-deployment of assets
  • Residual value assessment
  • Assistance in remarketing or donation
  • We also offer asset recovery programs in unique circumstances


Secure Data Destruction
  • Clear chain-of-custody for every asset
  • Tightly integrated data destruction
  • Centrally managed E-Waste recycling
  • Adhere to Department of Defense standards (DOD 5220.22-M)
  • De-magnetize or shred every asset
  • Unique certificate of disposition provided for every asset


Refurbished Hardware
  • Low failure rates
  • Provides an affordable and logical solution
  • Undergoes a (guaranteed!) preparation process
  • Brands from top manufacturers like Cisco, Dell, IBM, Netapp and HP available
  • More environmentally beneficial
  • Can save you between 15 and 30%

About Us

Green Tree is an electronic waste recycling organization based out of Orange County, CA working to create a more sustainable future for Orange County.  Our role in this immense effort is helping our partners take responsible action with their electronic waste. We collect and recycle computers, servers, hard-drives, cell phones and mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) and leverage the profits from recycling e-waste and metals to fund the acquisition of technologies for local public K-12 schools throughout Southern California. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint that technology products and their short life-cycles produce.

Along with our electronics recycling, Green Tree Electronics Recycling offers IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions. As your company grows and technology changes, our solutions for IT Asset Management, IT Asset Recovery, and IT Asset Disposition give your business a choice between refurbishing, reselling or recycling your business equipment assets minimizing costs and maximizing the recuperation of losses.

These videos will give you a feel for our culture and passion for electronic recycling and also will provide education about the electronic recycling industry.   When you recycle your electronics you are benefiting the people your company has served by protecting their identity (shredding hard-drives is the safest form of identity protection when replacing old, worn out electronics).  What’s more, you are helping to minimize the environmental cost that these machines represent.  In this age of climate change, this is an extremely important benefit.  Keep your data safe and help fight climate change with Green Tree Electronic Recycling and our new sister company, Trinity Recycling, located in Laguna Niguel.

Convenient drop off and pick up services



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We offer free pickups on qualified minimum required items and competitive rates for smaller loads.

Easy E-waste Drop Off


Green Tree Recycling drop off hours:

M-F 9 am-4 pm, Weekends on appointment only

28052 Camino Capistrano #107
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677


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Did you know?

Green Tree Recycling has a toll free pick up service. However, we reserve the right to not receive any items at anytime without prior notice. All pickups must qualify within the guidelines of the Green Tree Recycling Do’s list.

Address: 28052 Camino Capistrano #107
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Phone: 1-800-405-6308

Business Hours: 9 am-5 pm M-F, Weekends on appointment only.